Nasiol has an unrivalled execution and delivery in its economical and powerful solutions for enterprises.

Nasiol nano coatings are so far apart from wax- or oil-based products–they only stay on the surface and wipe or wear off. Nasiol nano coatings, on the other hand, completely permeate and unite with the surface, ensuring the best protection in addition to other designed features like dirt-repellency and anti-corrosion. Replacing conventional methods with nanocoatings adds value through an unsurpassed durability it gives your products. A Nasiol nano coating to your product is a feature by itself, a unique feature not obtainable with other nano coating manufacturers.

Smart Silis Technology

The Smart Silis Tech guarantees long life to any and all surfaces through its many protective and convenient features.

Self-cleaning: Stain resistance, anti fouling, anti hard water stain, lime scale and easy-clean, effect completely eliminates the costs of cleaning: time, effort and money.

Corrosion resistance: Outdoor buildings and designs are prone to damagefrom the elements but not when you have a Nasiol nano-coating in place.

Scratch-resistance: Home end-users no longer have to worry about rough use damaging glass, ceramics, metals and wooden surfaces. Enterprises can assure their customers that their products are tough against scratches.

Water repellent: Wet and moisture spells damage in the long run or discomfort in an instant. Applied to furniture, fixtures and textiles, our easy-spray water-repellent nanocoating protects both ways product and user.

UV Protection: Hydrophobic features not only protects against acid and harmful chemicals, but also effectively blocks UV rays, a powerful feature in demand for sun-glasses, clothes, and windows, among many others.


Smart Silis Tech can be tailor-made and developed especially for your products’ needs, for different and difficult types of surfaces for industrial scale uses.

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